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Intercept_Ultra_Stainless_productionBerlin Metals is the only approved supplier for Glass Equipment Development’s (GED’s) Intercept Ultra, and one of only a small number of approved and certified suppliers for GED’s tinplate Intercept lines. 

Working closely with GED and our world class mill supplier, we developed the Intercept Ultra Stainless material to meet the demanding requirements of GED’s manufacturing process, minimize die wear and adjustments, and insure your product's structural integrity.  This custom engineered Stainless Steel Alloy Spacer System delivers excellent warm-edge performance at a superior value.

Since the 1990’s we have supplied over 200 million pounds (100,000 tons) of prime steel for many national and regional window manufacturers across North America.  That amounts to approximately 5 billion feet and at 10 feet per window that's enough to make 500 million windows! 

We maintain an extensive selection of the industries' standard widths of steel coils in temperature controlled warehouses across the US enabling many of our customers to pull the exact amount of material needed, on a daily or weekly basis, to produce their customers’ orders.

For more information on GED's Intercept Spacer system, please check out their web site, and review their brochures found on their web site or linked here as PDF files. 

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