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Mission Statement

The future health of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our company are inseparably linked together in a circular chain. No single link can survive for long if all the other parts are not also strong. Continuously meeting and surpassing our customers' requirements and expectations for quality slit metals delivered on time at a competitive price is the primary goal of Berlin Metals. By bringing continuing value to our customers, we ensure that they will be successful. If our customers are successful, we will be too.

For our employees, our goal is to provide a safe, efficient, friendly, and clean working environment that will allow them to grow personally and professionally. We will invest in their education and training that will give them the skills and information they need to help our customers and our company be faster, more flexible, more cost effective, and therefore more successful.

For our customers, our goal is to provide world-class slit metal solutions at the lowest overall procurement cost using our personal and corporate resources. We want our customers to view us as the best quality and most cost-effective provider of light gauge slit coil. We want to be their first and best choice.

For our suppliers, we want to be their number one channel partner, providing support in our markets and our dealings, sharing with them the benefits of growth in market and market share. We will be seen by our suppliers as the premier processor and distributor of their products.

For our company and our shareholders, we will make a superior return on investment that will allow for continual reinvestment in our education and our equipment so that we can continue the never ending process of working smarter and faster to make our customers and ourselves more successful.


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