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berskidpackaging1We operate four modern, high-speed precision coil slitters capable of slitting thicknesses from .005" to .075", slitting from master coils up to 62" wide and weighing up to 30,000 lbs.  Our slitters can produce precision-slit widths as narrow as 1/4".

We are known for being proficient at slitting bare or coil coated, plated or plastic-laminated steel and aluminum coils without introducing any abrasions or scratches on either side of the strip.  This particular capability has enabled us to satisfy many customers who require critical surface quality material.  Our newest slitter, a 60” wide Braner, was designed to enhance this ability further with wider and heavier coils.

Our slitters are equipped with shimless tooling and use turret or interchangeable heads, ideal for quick set-up and changeovers.

We are also equipped with automated packaging lines that use stretch wrap and vapor corrosion inhibitors to secure and protect your product during shipment.



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